JPP is ready to offer the following, but not limited to, tailored products:


API Tubing
OD: Φ1.050″–4-1/2″
WT: 0.113″–0.630″
Grade:J55,K55,N80-1,N80Q,R95,L80-1,L80-9Cr, L80-13Cr,C90,T95,C110, P110,Q125 etc.
Standard: API 5CT
End-Finish: PE,NUE,EUE

 API Casing
Standard: API Spec 5CT
End-Finish: PE, STC,LTC,BTC

Premium Connection
OD: 1.9″–18-5/8″
WT: 0.113″–1.967″
Grade:J55,K55,M65,N80-1,N80Q,R95,L80-1,L80-9Cr, L80-13Cr,C90,T95,C110,P110,
Standard: API Spec 5CT or Otherwise Agreed
End-Finish: BGT, HSM, PCQ, TPFJ, TPEX, etc.

Anti-corrosion Pipe for Well Service
OD: 1.9″–18-5/8″
WT: 0.113″–1.967″
Specs: API 5CT or Otherwise Agreed

–Products for anti- H2S Corrosion
Grade:BG80S ,BG80SS ,HS80S ,HS80SS ,BG95S ,BG95SS ,HS95S ,HS95SS ,BG110S ,
BG110SS, HS110S ,HS110SS,etc.

–Products for anti- CO2 Corrosion
Grade:L80-9Cr, L80-13Cr, BG55-1Cr, BG80-1Cr, BG90-1Cr, BG110-1Cr , BG80-3Cr,
BG90-3Cr, BG110-3Cr, etc.

— Economic Products for anti- H2S+CO2+Cl corrosion
Grade: BG80S-3Cr ,BG90S-3Cr,etc.

High Anti-collapse Oil Casing
OD: 4-1/2″–13-3/8″
WT: 0.205″–0.514″
Grade: TP80T, TP95T/TP95TT, TP110T/TP110TT, TP125T/TP125TT, TP140/TP140TT,
HS95T/HS95TT, HS110T/HS110TT ,HS125T/TP125TT, HS150T/TP150TT etc.
Standard: Q/TGGB13 or Otherwise Agreed
End-Finish: STC,LTC,BTC,BTC+ X-over, BGT,HSM, TPCQ, TPFJ, TPEX, etc.

Heat-Insulating Casing & Heavy Oil Well Casing
External Size:Φ4-1/2″×0.250″ (Φ114.3mm×6.55mm),Φ4-1/2″×0.271″ (Φ114.3mm×6.88mm),
Φ7″×0.317″ (Φ177.8×8.05mm) etc.
Internal Size:Φ2-7/8″×0.217″ (Φ73.02mm×5.51mm),Φ3-1/2″×0.254″ (Φ88.9mm×6.45mm),
Φ5″×0.296″ (Φ127×7.52mm) etc.
Grade:N80Q,BG80H,BG110, HS80L,HS90L, HS95L,HS110L etc.
Standard: API 5CT,Q/BQB 234, HK29-2011 or Otherwise Agreed
End-Finish: PE,NUE,EUE

Casings for Low Temperature Service
WT: 0.205″–0.875″
Grade: HS80L, HS90L, HS95L,HS110L,HS125L etc.
Standard: API 5CT or Otherwise Agreed
End-Finish: STC, LTC, BTC, HSM-1, HSM-2 etc.

Casings for Deep Well
WT: 0.205″–0.875″
Grade:HS140,HS150,HS155 etc.
Standard: API 5CT, HK33-2011or Otherwise Agreed
End-Finish: STC,LTC, BTC, HSM-1,HSM-2 etc.

Seamless Coupling, Seamless Coupling Material
OD: 2-3/8″–18-5/8″
WT: 0.236″–4.725″
Grade:J55,K55,M65,N80-1,N80Q,R95,L80-1,L80-9Cr, L80-13Cr,C90,T95,C110,P110
Standard: API Spec 5CT or Otherwise Agreed

Pipes for Floating Collar, Floating Shoe and Stage Collar
OD: 2-3/8″–18-5/8″
WT: 0.236″–4.725″
Standard: API Spec 5CT,WS or Otherwise Agreed

Pipe for Casing Milling
WT: 0.205″–0.875″
Grade:J55,K55,M65,N80-1,N80Q,R95,L80-1,L80-9Cr, L80-13Cr,C90,T95,C110,P110 etc.
Standard: API Spec 5CT or Otherwise Agreed

Pipe for Liner Hanger
OD: 2″–30″
WT: 0.236″–4.725″
Grade:J55,K55,M65,N80-1,N80Q,R95,L80-1,L80-9Cr, L80-13Cr,C90,T95,C110,P110,
Q125,V140,V150, etc.
Standard: API Spec 5CT or Otherwise Agreed

Tube for Perforating Gun
OD: 2-3/8″–7″
WT: 0.039″–1.181″
Inventory Size:
Φ2-3/8″×0.196″(Φ60.3mm×5mm),2.677″×0.216″(Φ68mm×5.5mm),2-7/8″×0.354″(Φ73.02mm×9mm), 3-3/8″×0.374″(Φ85.73mm×9.5mm),3-1/2″×0.346″(Φ88.9mm×8.8mm),4″×0.354″(Φ101.6mm×9mm), 5″×0.433″(Φ127mm×11mm), 7”×0.498″(Φ177.8mm×12.65mm) etc.
Grades: 35CrMo, 26CrMo4,32CrMo4, 27MnCrMoVNb,26CrMoNbTiNb,etc.
Standard: Q/BQB 232, Q/OHAD005,API Spec 5CT or Otherwise Agreed

Drill Pipe
OD: 2″-30″
WT: 0.236″–4.725″
Grade: E75, X95,G105,S135,etc.
Standard: API SPEC 5D, API SPEC 7DP, etc.
End-Finish: EU, U, IEU, etc.

Pipe for Drill Collar
Φ3-1/8″×0.937″ (Φ79.38mm×23.81mm), Φ3-1/2″×1″ (Φ88.9mm×25.4mm),
Φ4-1/8″×1.063″ (Φ104.78mm×26.99mm), Φ4-3/4″×1.375″ (Φ120.65mm×34.93mm),
Φ5″×1.375″ (Φ127mm×34.93mm), Φ6″×1.875″ (Φ152.4mm×47.63mm),
Φ6″×1.6″ (Φ152.4mm×40.64mm), Φ6.25″×2.125″ (Φ158.75mm×50.8mm),
Φ6.25″×1.725″ (Φ158.75mm×43.82mm), Φ6.5″×2.125″ (Φ165.1mm×46.99mm),
Φ7″×2.1″ (Φ177.8mm×53.34mm), Φ7.25″×2.229″ (Φ184.15mm×56.52mm) etc.
Grade: AISI 4145H
Standard: API SPEC 7-1or otherwise agreed

Slotted Liner

1.Slot Type:      Straight Slot & Trapezoid Slot
2.Slot Pattern:    Line Slot & Staggered Slot
3.Open Area:     2%-6%
4.Cutting Tools:   Laser & Blade
5.Base Pipe:      J55,K55,N80-Q,P110
6. Technical Data:


Line Pipe

API Line Pipe
WT: 0.039″–4.72″
Grade :A,B,X42,X46,X52,X56,X60,X65,X70,etc.
Standard: API Spec 5L,CSA Z245.1-07 UPD1-2009,etc.
End-Finish: PE, BE, Threaded Connection

Line Pipe for Sour Service
WT: 0.039″–4.72″
Grade:BNS,X42NS,X46NS,X52QS,X60QS, X65QS,X70QS,X80QS等
Standard: API Spec 5L,IPS-M-PI-190,KOC-MS-001 PT.1 REV.2 ,etc.

Line Pipe for Offshore Service
WT: 0.039″–4.72″
Grades: BNO, X42NO,X46NO,X52QO,X60QO,X65QO,X70QO,X80QO,X90QO,
Standard: API Spec 5L ,DNV-OS-F101,ISO3183,ASTM A517,EN10225-2009 ,etc.
Approval: ABS,DNV,LR,BV,RS, etc.
End-Finish: PE,BE

Typical Technical Spec. for leg & bracing structure of jacket-up platform
Chemical Composition: Pcm≦0.25%, CE ≦0.45%
Mechanical Properties:
Average Yield Strength: 778MPa
Average Tensile Strength: 840MPa
CVN(-40℃)≧150(J),HV10 ≤252

Pipe for Drilling Riser
OD: 21″,ID: 19.75″; 
OD: 21″,ID: 19″
Grade: X80QO, etc.
Size Tolerance:±5%D,±5%WT
Standard: API Spec 5L/API Spec 16R
Mechanical Properties:
Average Yield Strength:618MPa
Average Tensile Strength:694MPa
CVN(-40℃)≧120(J),HV10 ≤232

Line pipes with internal and external Anti-corrosion Coating and Concrete Weight Coating (CWC):
WT: 0.039″–4.72″
Grades:BNO,X42NO,X46NO,X52QO,X60QO, X65QO,X70QO,etc.
Internal and External anti-corrosion :FBE,2FBE ,2PP,2PE,3PP,3PE,Submarine Pipeline with concrete weight coating
Standard: API Spec 5L PSL2, JIS3469/CNS13639,DIN 30670,DIN 30678 ,SY4013,etc.

Submarine Pipeline Systems
OD: 0.405″–56″
ID: 0.308″—55″
SMYS:245,290, 320 , 360 , 390, 415 , 450 , 485 , 555 ,etc.
Specifications: DNV-OS-F101-2007
End-Finish: PE , BE ,DOUBLE BEVELLED, Threaded

Bimetallic CRA Pipe
Metallurgical Bond Pipe: Φ1″-16″
Mechanical Bond Pipe : Φ1″-30″
Base Pipe: 0.039″-1.181″
Inner Pipe: 0.020″-0.157″
Material Combination: Cu, Al and other alloys:T.,TP,H62,1060,etc.
Stainless Steel: 304,321,316L,2205,2507 etc.
Nickel Alloys: 825,G3,625,C22,C276 etc.
Specs: API 5LD or otherwise as agreed

Mechanical & Structural Pipe

Hot Finished Structural Hollow Sections of Non-alloy and Fine Grain Steels
OD: 1″–30″
WT: 0.039″–3.150″
Grade: S235JRH, S275JOH,S275J2H,S355JOH,S355J2H,S355K2H etc.
Standard: EN 10210-1, EN 10210-2

Mechanical Pipe
OD: 1/4″–30″
WT: 0.039″–4.725″
Grade:1010,1020,1026,1045,4130,4130-L80,4140,4142,4140-L80,4140-P110,4145 etc.
Standards: ASTM A519, ASTM A513 etc.
Delivery Condition: Hot finished, Cold Drawn SRA, DOM SRA,As Welded etc.

Pipe for High Pressure Mud Pump System
OD: 0.394″–30″
WT: 0.039″–3.150”
Inventory Size: Φ3.500″×0.600″,Φ4″×0.750″,Φ4.500″×0.750″,Φ5.500″×1.250″,Φ5.563″×0.674″,
Grade: 35CrMo ,4130,4140,4145 etc.
Standard: ASTM A519/NACE MR0175 or Otherwise Agreed
Typical Mechanical Properties: Yield Strength≥517Mpa,Tensile Strength ≥655Mpa, HRC≤22

Rectangular Pipe
Size(A×B):3/4″–20″ (20mm–500mm)
Thickness: 0.039″–0.787″ (1mm–20mm)
Grade: Q345B, Q345D, Q360,Q460,S690,4130,4145,S355J0H,S355J0H etc.
Standards: ASTM-A519 , EN 10210-1,EN 10210-2 or Otherwise Agreed
TPI Approvals: ABS, DNV,  LR , BV, RS, CCS 

Square Pipe
Size (A×A):3/8″–20″ (10mm–500mm)
Thickness: 0.039″–0.787″ (1mm–20mm)
Grade: Q345B, Q345D,Q360, Q460,S690,4130,4145,S355J0H,S355J0H etc.
Standards: ASTM-A519 , EN 10210-1,EN 10210-2 or Otherwise Agreed
TPI Approvals: ABS, DNV, LR , BV, RS, CCS

Pipes for Pressure Use

OD:1/8″–40″, WT:0.039″–4.72″




█Seamless And Welded Steel Pipe for Low- Temperature Service



█Seamless steel tube for gas cylinder and accumulator