JPP Profile

Founded in 2000, JPP has grown into a comprehensive pipe solutions provider for ocean engineering, oil & gas exploration and development, pressure vessel manufacturing, machinery, new energy, etc.


Office located in Los Angeles, Calgary, Jinan, Beijing, Changsha, JPP serves across America, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia.


Products Standards include EN,DIN,API, ASTM, ASME, ABS, CSA, DNV, GOST, JIS, etc.


Customized services are guaranteed worldwide in precise machining, slotting, hot expanding, bending, honing etc. From materials to semi or fully finished products, our expertise ensures all commercial needs, technical requirements, and project schedules.


JPP integrates reliable resources from China in technologies, equipment and single project. New sourcing channels in Asia and America is built up recently to ensure various demands.


JPP team is closely combined with e-communication system and ensures 24 hour contact from the Eastern Hemisphere to the Western Hemisphere.


Welcome to this website, JPP is ready to help.